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Unbroken- Alecia’s latest single with an inspiring message

Hey Y’all!

I released my new single Unbroken on October 20, 2023 to radio and online streaming platforms. I co-wrote Unbroken with my good friend and talented writer Robert Abernathy and it gives a glimpse into my story. Many don’t know that I was married young in a controlling and abusive marriage. I held on and tried to make it work even though it was very unsafe and extremely hard. Although he is the one who ultimately chose other things and left in the end, I knew that wasn’t the life God wanted for me. I’ve always felt like a wild horse (palomino) with freedom in my veins. Some things aren’t meant to be broken. What was intended to break me only made me stronger. It took time to heal and time to realize my self-worth and put my pieces back together. Unbroken is part of my story. Thank you to my incredible producer Daniel Dennis at Prime Cut Studio in Nashville for bringing Unbroken to life in studio!!

I hope Unbroken encourages other women to know your worth. Know that you deserve to be cherished, loved, and respected. You are strong enough to stand up for yourself and be treated right. My marriage/divorce was one of the hardest times of my life but I came out stronger in the end. It taught me compassion and forgiveness. It’s important to have compassion and empathy for others as we don’t always know what hard road someone else is walking or has walked. This wild palomino is meant to run free… Unbroken.


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